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About TGM Printing

For the past 35 years TGM Digital Media and Printing, has been giving top-tier print materials with a mix of key, strategic and logical assistance to all over customers. We are part of an updated era of the print industry which offers you a prompt and straightforwardly assistance in every work that you entrust on us. We are very well-organized innovators in the commercial printing industry and have been perceived with lots of appreciation and trust for our consistent assistance and craftsmanship in the jobs we undertake. May the work be basic or challenging, you can equally rely upon us as we undertake everything with greater insight and completes them with the most modern gear available.

We have got a very well-established customer-centered plan of action which always helps us in maintaining quick responsiveness in meeting and responding to our customer requirements. We satisfy their needs by offering them proficient types of assistance and putting resources into the most qualitative and feasible method which in turn helps them in receiving an international quality product. Fostering long-term customer relationships has always been our center core interest. Embedded with the latest technologies and the support and expertise of a bunch of masterminds in the industry we have been delivering international standard outputs to date and have always been successful in our business with unmatchable support from our customers.

We give consistent feedback through each progression of the interaction between us and the customer providing them assistance from the visual communication part, our methodologies till the final dispersion of the product. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, we undertake every form of printing including visiting cards, leaflets, books, magazines, item inventories, banners, vehicle illustrations. You can name it… We are completely on it.

With the consistency and credibility in the services offered we have been successful in delivering promising outputs to organizations both huge and small who have perceived the worth of our service and clever dissemination through all these years.

With a very well-organized growth graph from the past 35 years, TGM Digital Media and Printing has grown from a moderate printing company to a full-service commercial printing company that accommodates the local, regional and international printing needs of its customers. With a full range of printing equipment updated to the latest technology, we have been providing services from the pre-press, press, binding, and many more. From the date of establishment to the current date we are the ones who have always been consistent with our expertise and experience to deliver on all your print communication needs.

Client care, great printing, and the latest innovation are treated extremely in a serious way by us. Every day, profoundly talented and committed workers endeavor to make our client’s requirements delivered the best inside and out. We have a history of being solidly obliged to quality, administration, and innovation that has genuinely profited our clients throughout the long term. As the printing and distributing industry kept advancing, we also made our steps carefully into the mainstream services arena with our creative arrangements and specialized insights to fulfill the present needs of the customers.

Today, TGM Digital Media and Printing is incredibly pleased to be HOUSTON’S (USA) best serving commercial and business printer, offering the most complete solutions and business benefits to the locale. We are privileged to have a workforce that comprises devoted and learned print experts. Together, we can provide first-rate client support and unparalleled quality in our services. We have always been on top by amazing our clients with the commitment we offer towards the quality of our products especially in how and what we deliver. Top-quality products produced and supplied which also follows the environment safe protocols leaving less waste and pollution, we have overlooked ourselves not only as of a best customer service team but also a socially committed company which has never failed to render their services with high levels of quality and responsibility to the public.

Our Team

A team of experts who are dedicated, creative, innovative, and driven towards the motive of providing the best service in the industry is what drives our company to the top of the industry.

Being the key to our prosperity, every single person in our workforce from top to bottom has been stunning by their talent and experience which makes our workplace highly productive and remunerating which helps us in delivering high-quality outputs. We at TGM Digital Media and Printing share a common vision of conveying reliably extraordinary outcomes for our customers however complicated the work may be.

Thomas George
Sole Proprietor and a Printing Technologist. Thomas is in the field of printing for the last 35 years.
Earlier was associated with Houston Chronicle news paper for 28 years. Subsequently started own business and over the time ventured in to new areas of printing in all kind of products/materials.
Abraham John
Associated with TGM Printing for the last seven years and now working as Production Manager, looking after the entire production and overall management.
Carlyn Crump
Carolyn is a Graphic Artist, who is overseeing the entire Art design and Art work, who has over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing, working in various capacities at Houston Chronicle Newspaper as Art Director, and as Art Instructor in Various Schools.
Roberto Pacheco
Robert is looking after the entire Screen Printing and related works of the TGM Printing.
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