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When it comes to a program like arangetram, the prime focus is on promotional materials that attract audiences and invitees. We know when it’s the arangetram of your passion; all you look in prints are for perfection and finish. We are one of the leading providers of arangetram print products in Houston.
We serve with the printing of dance, vocal, instrumental, or other art-related invitations, brochures, guest books, bookmarks, canvas, etc. With years of experience in the field, TGM specialized in preparing and printing arangetram products for dance forms like Kuchupudi, Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, etc. As dedicated arangetram designers & printers, we deliver standard services at satisfying costs.

Sub Services


A really grand debut can be made with the help of a custom-made brochure. It helps in marketing your arangetram with its self-explanation regarding every performance and it holds all the significant details about performers, chief guests etc.


A guest book happens to be the most important thing in every arangetram, as it possesses all the reviews and comments about the performances. With a well-designed guest book, your arangetram can be made more popular.


An arangetram event can never be successful without a perfect invitation. Arangetram invitations with genuine designs can make people attracted to the event and they will for sure remember the date of the event.


The arangetram event can be presented at its best with the help of a flawless canvas. As the performers being the most important slice of arangetram, by displaying them in a canvas makes people fall in love with the event.


The arangetram event can be kept in mind of the people with the help of high-quality magnet/book mark. Most people love such book marks and will get familiarized to the event, as they will never get lost.


Your arangetram event can be showed off well by employing pull up banners. Pull up banners are the most suitable and best way to make people get pulled towards the event, as such banners will be exciting and excellent.


Life size stand ups are absolutely inevitable for events like arangetram, as they will never get failed in capturing the attention of people. Being in the life size, they will certainly be full of dynamism and will excite the curiosity of people.