Whether you would love a personal car wrap or a commercial car wrap, TGM is here to guide you through every step of the way. We are experts in our field, and our fully trained, competent technicians are here to apply your ideal bumper stickers or vehicle decals. With a massive array of colors and finishes, comprising textures and chrome films there certainly is something for everyone. You can equip your car not only with your special color proposal or attach full-scale publicity images, but also save you money and maintain the value of your vehicle.
We cater to people and industries alike and our customers can generate a unique, eye-catching wrap design giving their personal or company car an exclusively new look. Layouts can be created with a full wrap or part wrap. We make it practical for you to rehash your car’s outward impression with the aid of vinyl wraps. Hang with us for a moment as we get through the basics.

Sub Services


Both partial and full vehicle wraps are really capable of promoting your brand, as they hold enough details regarding the business. They are reasonable than all the other marketing materials and will definitely bring enough attention.

  • VEHICLE DECALS for marketing

Your brand can for sure obtain a great number of responses by employing attention-grabbing decals on vehicles. Being a marketing tool that is in wheels, vehicle decals can easily win sufficient audience for its slogan, logo etc.

  • BUMPER STICKERS for marketing

Bumper stickers possess enough versatileness for promoting yourbrand, they are so dynamic and make people notice it. They can be customized according to the nature of the business and will convey enough information.